The BJU Sex Abuse Coverup, Day 20

Bob Jones University and Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment announced Tuesday that they would resume the original investigation with no change to the scope or terms of the contract.

Late last week, GRACE informed BJU that reinstating the original agreement with no modifications was the only way to insure that the independence and integrity of this process is not compromised. We requested that BJU reinstate the original agreement so that GRACE could immediately move forward and complete this critical process.

GRACE was greatly encouraged this morning to be notified by BJU of its decision to accept our offer to reinstate the original agreement with no changes. We are also encouraged that by this decision BJU acknowledges and accepts the critical importance of an authentically independent investigation. As communicated throughout this process, GRACE is very committed to listening to the concerns and ideas expressed by BJU and other witnesses with the understanding that as an independent entity GRACE has the responsibility to make the final determinations.

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